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In 1994, International Eye Clinic (IEC) was inaugurated by Dr. Eiad Abdel Aziz Al-Ryahy, Ophthalmology consultant. He has been sought since the Clinic's opening to create a state of awareness among people and families that allows them to achieve their maximum visual health, so then promote ophthalmology's concept in society and especially patients, disseminating public awareness through long-term strategies to reduce eye diseases.

Dr. Eiad Al-Ryahy's social justice concept has motivated him to reach all societies segments through introduction and effective programs that will give every person the opportunity to enjoy of visual health care without any difficulties. IEC has become an ophthalmology medical center on local level, then extended to most of the arabic countries and now IEC quickly become widely known globally and internationally.


Eiad Abdul Aziz Al Ryahy 

Date of Birth: 9th of April 1963. 
Place of birth: Rantis - Ramallah- Palastine
Education BSc General Doctor Medicine, Duro-Pucar University, 
Yugoslavia 1987. MSc Eye Surgery, Sarajevo 1991 - 1992. 

Memberships American Academy of Ophthalmology (A.A.O) 
International Society of Refractive Surgery
Pan Arab African Council of (I.S.R.S). 
Pan Arab African Council of Ophthalmology (P.A.A.E.O). 
Jordanian Ophthalmologic Society (J.O.S). 
Yugoslavian Ophthalmologic Society (Y.O.S). 
Yugoslav Medical Association (Y.M.A).

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IEC Medical Services

Consultation Services

Medical Examinations and Treatments for:
  Vision Correction
  Intra Ocular Pressure 
  Squint / Strabismus
  Keratoconus and other Cornea Issues
  Retinal Issues
  Optic Nerve Issues
  Blocked Lacrimal duct

Injections: Maculopathy Treatment

Cosmetics Services:
  Facial Analysis / Complexion
  Botox, Filler
  Chalazion, Phenejium and  Blepharoplasty Surgery

Community Services