Our Vision - International Eye Clinic

In 1994, International Eye Clinic was inaugurated by Dr. Eiad Abdel Aziz Al-Ryahy, Ophthalmology consultant. He has sought since the Clinic's opening to create a state of awareness among people and families that allows them to achieve their maximum visual health, so then promote ophthalmology's concept in society and especially patients, disseminating public awareness through long-term strategies to reduce eye diseases.

Dr. Eiad Al-Ryahy's firm concept of social justice has motivated him to reach all societies segments through introduction of effective programs that will give every person the opportunity to enjoy of visual health care without any difficulty. IEC has become in an ophthalmology medical center locally, for arabic contries and now International.




International Eye Clinic

International Eye Center is managed by distinctive and cadres of the prestigious medical centers in the strategic region of the Middle East, where it became arriving from all Arab Countries and internationally of the most important features, thanks to high-quality medical services enshrined in the service of his patients through the use of the latest scientific achievements in medicine and eye surgery, where the center is keen to move all science him to pursue an applied theory and new science and technology and management in this area, making it the international Eye Center station's strategy in the region.




The evolution of International Eye Clinic

Ophthalmology is considered one of the most advanced medical sciences in Information Technology's Field. Ophthalmology has developed rapidly through the years, high-precision techniques and devices which allow patients to obtain the best results for diagnosis and treatment.

IEC's vision is to become the closer intermediary between the lastest developments in the Eye Medicine's world, the most advanced medical devices, and patients, to reach the highest level of professionalism and provide high-quality medical services, giving the best treatments with the least effort, time and cost.