Insurance Approvals

Insurance plans vary for each patient. Most health care provider plans do cover a portion of your medical expenses. However, it is not unusual for a patient to be responsible for some of the costs related to their medical care. Most plans require a co-payment: a fixed dollar amount that your health care plan provider (insurance company) requires you to pay every time you visit an approved medical professional.

Doctor will decide which procedures, tests and other consultations you may need. However, most of health procedures require pre-certification. In addition, some services may not be a covered benefit for some plans.

Patients are responsible for knowing the pre-certification requirements of their health plans. You must contact your insurance company to determine benefits and coverage. Patient must bring to each visit, a valid (not expired) form provided by your Insurances Company, and patients valid ID card (not expired). 

After your medical consultation, Insurances Department will contact your insurances provider to ask for pre-certification. After approved, patient is responsible to pay a percentage procedures price, can be 0%, 15%, 20% or may be more, it depends of the covered benefit of your plan.