Conducted by Dr. Eiad Abdul-Aziz al-Ryahy  is a complex process to eradicate appointed Sudanese child aged six months. And the details of the situation that the child Hussein came to the clinic, suffering swelling in the left eye led to the cohesion of the eyelids and the inability to open eye. As well as burning in the left cheek due to continued runoff tears from the eye lesion. Which was, a cavity larger than the right eye. 
The injured child underwent several tests, including magnetic resonance imaging to determine the size of the tumor first. Hence, the eye condition, in full, it was found that a congenital tumor and form during pregnancy, and that the eye did not grow in full, and the cause of the tumor in the mother moved to the germ of a parasitic fetus and formed a water bag parasite front of the eye, nasal cavity and continued the growth with the growth of the fetus in the belly of his mother. That caused a lack of growth of the eye. Of course, Dr. Eiad decided to hold a quick process to remove the tumor from the child's eye for fear of the arrival of the tumor to the brain and the explosion of the bag of water and the spread of parasites in other parts of the body. But it was also the need for cosmetic necessity in allowing the growth of the eye sockets to the left and right child disfigured face. The second step was planting a Silicon ball inside the cavity, while maintaining as much as possible on the eye muscles, and then planting a glass eye to give the child the opportunity to grow physically and emotionally normal. 
To ensure the eradication of the tumor completely and damaged eye removed. Where there was the biggest challenge in the process to prevent the explosion of the parasites bag during the operation which he was keen to maintain Dr. Ryahy eyelids. The success of the free stamps: the first is a sense of satisfaction to the success of the currency complex and rare. The second feeling sorry for the eradication of the eye, although he is damaged. But the biggest challenge was also to save the life of a child from a devastating complications have occurred in the long run if not to eradicate the eye. 
Laboratory results of the tumor after the operation, said that he came because of the parasitic bacteria, which are often rare injury, but usually occur in poor areas. Therefore, Dr. Rryahy pregnant mothers are advised to conduct regular check-ups during pregnancy and the completion of the periodic inspection of the children after birth. Followed by Dr. Ryahy tumors on the eye injury that not all benign tumor in the eye can reach the level of eye removed as it can be the eradication of adenoma without eye removed if the patient initiated treatment quickly.